About Us

MyTeamCar.net is a very different kind of bike shop, more like a Bike Studio than a Bike Shop, but even more unique: Your bike is serviced onsite or picked-up, serviced in the shop, then delivered back to you!

The Mission:

"Providing convenient, fast, high-quality, personalized bicycle services to the Central Coast and Bay Area cycling community."

Most serious--and even recreational riders--are competitive by nature and want their bikes in optimum mechanical condition to maximize the potential of their physical condition. BayAreaRider.com knows how to prepare and tune bikes and also knows how important fit and function can be to a serious rider.

Getting it right and listening to your preferences and desires is the key. By maintaining a database of all customer preferences, fit measurements, bike descriptions, and service records, MyTeamCar.net gets it right!

How Does the Service Work?

You simply make contact and arrange a pickup of your bike (or bikes). Your bike is serviced at your specified location or picked-up wherever you specify--within current service areas--and returned anywhere in current service areas you specify. You can also visit the remote shop and drop your bike(s) off.

The business operations are located in a rural area of the Santa Cruz mountains, between Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz. The location provides excellent service coverage for a large central coast segment of cyclists on both sides of the mountain range.

Your time is valuable. MyTeamCar.net keeps your bike(s) running smoothly so you can focus on more important things like training and living.

Call or request service today and have your bike in top shape for your next ride, race, or big event. Call (408) 455-4821 or email at: ridemore@myteamcar.net

* Standard Tune-up price. Does not include parts, if required. Available in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties.

Customer Comments:

I just wanted to let you know that I've finally gotten out on my bike. I went out Sunday and Tuesday for about an hour each ride. I absolutely love the new set-up and the handlebar reconfiguration is helping the neck strain. The bike rides great!!
Thank you!
-- Lisa Repetto, San Mateo

"I got a chance to ride the bike you worked on this weekend. I am very
impressed with your work. I got on it and it rode great, and the shifting was
great as well. Every time I have taken my bike to a shop when I get it back
there is something wrong with it. Be it shifting issues, or whatever. I just
want you to know how nice it is to have someone like you to take care of the
things I don't know much about, and can trust you with it. I told everyone I
am riding with about your service and am forwarding your contact to my
teammates and friends. Thanks again."
-- Jan Weissenberger, San Francisco

"Just wanted to thank you for doing such an awesome job on servicing my bike.
It has never worked better and I have never enjoyed riding it more. It feels
like a brand new bike again! I'll be sure to pass your name along to my
friends. Thanks again."
-- Kim Kallbrier, Saratoga

"I travel constantly and simply don't have the time it takes to arrange for bike servicing, fit, and overall setup. Using BayAreaRider.com's services saves me time, money, and aggravation. They know my setup, they know my fit specs, they return my bike quickly and in top working order. I even have them do all my upgrades and add-ons. They know what they're doing and they do it on my schedule, which is of paramount importance for a busy rider like me."
-- Tim Egan, Ultra-Distance Cyclist, Boulder, CO


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